fasmcon 2006

Fasm's home town Kraków (Poland) hosted first fasmcon. HyperVista made a great effort to turn this at first unorganized meeting (initially called a "technical discussion") into a real conference with webcasted talks from a conference room.

The conference took place at Hotel Wyspiański in Lajkonik conference room on 30th of September.



Tomasz Grysztar: History of fasm

Part 1
Part 2

Martin Mocko: Introduction to FASMLIB, a general-purpose library for 32-bit x86 assembly coders

Don Bailey talks about hypervisor

Karel Lejska demonstrates his x86 code obfuscator.


Fasmcon story from Karel's point of view:


On our way to Kraków
Me and vid (on the left) met in Žilina, Slovakia. Vid took his home-made slivovitz, the source of real joy.
On our way to Kraków smell
Smells nice, isn't it?
Vid was also trying to make some noise on someone's guitar.
reboot needed
After our arrival to Kraków, HyperVista invited us to a pub for a dinner and some drinking. A little while afterwards, vid started to look just like he needs a reboot.
In the meantime, HyperVista and Tomasz coded a souvenir for the pub.


You know, the conference day. I was too scared because of that so there are just two, but very nice photos taken at the reception of the hotel right after the conference. (HyperVista, vid, Tomasz)

Hotel Wyspiański Hotel Wyspiański


HyperVista leaved Kraków soon. Tomasz invited me and vid to go to the Krakow's castle.

We leaved the hotel and vid started to speak about fasm.

On our way to Kraków's Castle
Walking, talking…
On our way to Kraków's Castle On our way to Kraków's Castle

Guess what they've been doing on the castle.

On our way to Kraków's Castle
Talking about fasm…
On our way to Kraków's Castle On our way to Kraków's Castle
Talking, walking…
On our way to Kraków's Castle On our way to Kraków's Castle
Talking… on our way back to the downtown…
Kraków's cats
Finally I felt like Kraków's cats are talking about fasm too!

Recording the History

The first idea to organize a "fasm party".