Fasm conference is an informal meeting of coders interested in x86 assembly programming. Most participants are recruited from the fasm community message board, but generally anyone who has an interest in assembly programming is welcome to attend. Special guest is Tomasz Grysztar, the author of flat assembler.

Since 2006, fasm fans have tried (but not always succeeded) to organize the conference annually, during the northern summer. The conference is usually held somewhere in Europe because most of the participants come from nearby.

The official program usually takes one Saturday afternoon and consists of talks on various topics. Any participant is encouraged to become a speaker if (s)he has something interesting to present. We always try to webcast the talks so anyone can watch them and ask additional question via live chat.

Besides the official talks, partying, sightseeing and having fun is also important part of the conference so we meet one or two days earlier and we are generally not in a hurry to leave.

As written above, the conference is informal so participants don't pay for registration and speakers are not paid for their talks.